Bug in inettuts example

There’s a really interesting online tutorial for creating iGoogle-like interfaces at: How To Mimic the iGoogle Interface.

I came across an apparent small bug in it’s ‘makeSortable()’ method at least in Chrome. Sortable Items are modules on the screen that can be moved around. Within makeSortable() it makes a list of  the sortable modules by making a list of the non-sortable modules and then finding all the rest of the modules. 

The bug is that if you don’t have any non-sortable modules, the function to find the sortable ones fails. A work-around is just to set some value into the initial notSortable variable so it always has at least one item. Search for the code: 

var notSortable = ”;

and change it to something like: 

var notSortable = ‘xyz123′;


One thought on “Bug in inettuts example

  1. Just

    That’s Great. Thks every every much.
    I can use jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.21 for inettuts now
    Thks again!


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